VIP Media

PACJET Aviation has transported in style everyone from rock bands to VIP heads of state. We welcome the most demanding schedule and understand the complexities involved of each individual requirement. We manage all the transport from aircraft to limousine and even luxury accommodation on arrival.

  • The PACJET Aviation operations teams are experts at handling the logistics of media and production movement including theatrical stage sets, band equipment, road crews and talent.
  • VIP board charter aircraft directly from ground transportation for convenience and security wherever available – bypassing public passenger terminals.
  • 24/7operational support including computer flight tracking and on-site representation to brief airport staff and cabin crew on your parties requirements.
  • Utmost professionalism and confidentiality assured
  • Having worked in media for over 10 years, our Communications Manager is well placed to help you with what ever it is that you need.
  • On demand aircraft charter services can be booked with as little as 1 hour’s notice
  • We can source anything that you may require:

We can supply many different charter aircraft, from turbo-props, corporate jets, helicopter film platforms, freighters and wide bodied jets. These aircraft can be provided as production props or specialist transport for talent and crews. If aviation support is needed, we are happy to take on the challenge.