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Take the executive option in a light jet.

Corporate travel takes many forms. From a large A-list multimillion-dollar jet to a small single-engine turboprop. We offer flexible and efficient air transport solutions for every need.

Need to move in a hurry, we are ready to find the perfect fit for your needs. We specialise in streamlining the whole experience, starting with your initial contact with our friendly staff. We take a detailed snapshot of your requirements to find the perfect solution for your needs.

From VIP’s to the astute businessperson, we work closely with Companies, Governments and you, to make sure you receive a hassle-free discrete service.

Even if you have a very specific requirement, trust us with you particular needs.



From small to large, ask us how we can tailor to your exact needs.

We understand the complexities of getting your staff to any remote destination, whilst managing all the logistics. We specialise in streamlining the whole experience starting with your initial contact with our friendly staff. We take a detailed snapshot of your requirements and find the perfect solution for your needs. We have experience in the understanding of rotating staff through remote sites, whilst maintaining supply chains and communications.

Flight Dynamics has a history of saving our customers time and money by integrating all aspects of travel into the package. In doing this we have complete control over safety, quality and economy.


Aerial Fire Command and Swift Water Rescue

Flight Dynamics provides fixed-wing aircraft and air support equipment to Government agencies (QLD – NSW). We are deployed across eastern Australia during each fire season conducting training and active fire control.

We support the firebombing aircraft with tactical air control and survey with our surveillance aircraft.

We also support the Large Air Tankers (LAT) with lead-in control in our TBM-700 turboprop aircraft.

We also have Search and rescue capabilities for both land-based and sea-based tasks. Flight Dynamics is also the supplier for QFES Swift Water Rescue teams, across Queensland.


Supply Chain & Airborne Logistics Specialists.

Flight Dynamics jumps to attention when critical component or infrastructure has failed at your business or remote site. Specialised freight solutions are only achievable via direct air freight. We have helped several multinational companies like Rio-Tinto and BHP stay in production on sites all over Australia. Airfreight can be surprisingly economical when combined with inexpensive small single-engine aircraft. All we need to know is when, where and how big.

We take a detailed snapshot of your requirements and find the perfect solution for your needs. Once the job is underway we supply regular updates and we guarantee an on-time arrival.

Understanding the package does not devalue the outcome, from a small $5 component to a million-dollar pump, we treat all freight with a level of urgency that only business understands.


Aircraft Delivery Flights Across the Globe.

Flight Dynamics has decades of experience delivering anything from Boeing 777 to Cessna 172 across the globe. Short transcontinental flights to long over-water international flights, Flight Dynamics gets the job done. From export documentation, Special Flight Permits (SFP) and demo/test flights. Managing refurbishments and maintenance requirements, installation of fuel systems. We do all the pre-departure approvals and modifications to ensure a seamless delivery.

Pilots with extensive experience in demo/test flight. Our team are known to many of the largest aircraft leasing companies. They often come to us for the most complex solutions. We get the job done with zero fuss with guaranteed descression.  

We have extensive experience with the various regulators and diplomatic channels required to make any delivery to any country on the planet possible.



It doesn’t need to be a multi million dollar jet or turbo prop.




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