Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) Charter

Fly-in fly-out is a method of employing people in remote, hard to reach locations. This is a scenario that is common in the majority of areas in outback Australia. Remote mining sites present unique logistical challenges that involve critical equipment supply and maintenance issues combined with rotating, multifaceted personnel rosters that ultimately require the application of specialised aviation charter. Fly In Fly Out aircraft charter allows for rapid, streamlined transportation of mining workers along with associated support personnel and executive teams to remote locations. A properly structured and organised FIFO air charter solution can often negate the time consuming, inefficient and expensive time challenges that come with restrictive airline timetables.

5 key Points of FIFO Charter flights
  1. Different aircraft types for all mine working life stages
  2. Short Term/Adhoc or long term airline style operations
  3. Direct flights to the airfield closest to the worksite
  4. Convenient and Cost Effective
  5. Leads to a more productive workplace

Flight Dynamics is well positioned to provide both adhoc and short term air charter through to long term multi aircraft FIFO utilising our own aircraft and outsourced packages. With a team of highly qualified specialist air charter professionals, Flight Dynamics can tailor a solution for your company that will meet your expectations. With a number of government contracts and working with large media organisations means that you can rest assured we have met a high level of safety standards. This will save  a lot of time and money when deciding on a charter service provider. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your air charter requirements in detail and look forward to working with your organisation.