Corporate Jet Charter

Have you been considering private jet hire for business and can’t quite decide if it’s right for you?
When deciding if corporate jet charter is right for your business, ask yourself do you need to be somewhere at a time that suits you and with a service that saves you time, money and hassles when doing business?

Here are some top reasons why businesses choose to use corporate jet charter

  1. No hassle: There are no restrictions on what time of day or night you can travel and often you can book a charter flight within 24 hours of the time you need to travel.
  2. Efficient: No waiting in queues, no need to arrive hours before check in, no boarding passes or luggage to check in, no need to worry about lengthy delays that occur with commercial travel.
  3. Versatile: Whether you’re a VIP, organising a group of executives or that vital piece of mining equipment that needs to go TODAY, there are so many options available for corporate Charter.
  4. Flexible: A corporate jet charter gives you complete flexibility with a 24/7 service ensuring that you minimise interruptions to your business schedule.
  5. Time: Less time spent travelling equals more time on business and ultimately more time to spend with your family.
  6. A productive office in the sky! Work comfortably in complete privacy. Private jets are comfortable and private allowing you to get work done whilst on the plane, increasing productivity.