Aviation Consultation

Flight Dynamics provides the aviation and airline industry with professional consultation, advice and training on a wide range of issues that could be affecting, or about to affect, your business. Whether it is an additional short-term management resource you are seeking or the development of a major project, we can assist both in Australia and overseas. In fact, we have access to many airline professionals and can generate project teams quickly so that every detail is assigned a specialist who knows the task.

We ensure your transition from Private Ops to Commercial Air Transport runs smoothly. We can successfully take the stress out of a seemingly arduous and complex processes. We also offer a full service where we write manuals, submit and facilitate the approval processes, supply qualified personnel and oversee the operation. Complete manual preparation which we present to you to then submit to the authority.

The manuals we can provide include:
  • Aircraft Operations Manuals A, B, C and D
  • Cabin Crew Manual (B4)
  • MEL Implementing and overseeing

The Services we can provide include:

  • Aircraft registrations
  • Addition of new aircraft types
  • OPC content design
  • Management Regulatory Compliance
  • Any procedural and systems application
  • Advice and assistance in Management Selection and placement
  • Assistance with all facets of Airport Operations and related Ground Handling functions
  • Assistance with issues concerning regulatory compliance
  • Assistance with Corporate Emergency Response and Security
  • Risk Management and Analysis

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your AOC needs.