Aircraft Management

Whether your aircraft is a personal or business investment (or a combination) you want to rely on an aircraft management company that will protect and maximize that investment. Flight Dynamics highly regarded aircraft management reputation has been earned from years of listening to customer needs and providing expert management and liaison between you and the aviation industry. 

Through the size of our fleet (including our own and other managed aircraft) we are able to pass on savings to you when it comes to costs such as fuel, pilot training and insurances. Having your aircraft managed by an experienced company also saves you time. 

Should you choose, you can create a revenue stream from your aircraft by making it available for charter. We have several clients who regularly require an aircraft on short notice. Once the process of applying your aircraft to the operators AOC is complete the revenue will start to flow. In most cases depending on your aircraft type and its availability to the market, the revenue earnt should cover most costs associated with owning an aircraft.  

 Aircraft ownership should simplify your business and personal aircraft transportation, not complicate it. Unless your company is operating multiple aircraft it’s impossible to enjoy the cost benefits of a fleet operator. Fleet discounts in aircraft insurance, crew training and parts just to name a few, cannot be achieved without a considerable fleet and years of experience. The savings we can produce will exceed the management fees we charge. We can promise you that.



  • Aircraft Records Management: Including operational reports, maintenance, and regulatory compliance.
  • Operational Preparedness: process all operational items including, writing and seeking CASA approvals, MEL, manuals, RVSM certification, RNP, RNAV if needed and aircraft registration.
  • Flight Crew Placement: Our network of experienced pilots and crew members will be hand-selected to compliment your aircraft operations.
  • Flight Planning & Scheduling: You choose when and where, we take care of the rest
  • Oversee accounting, operations, maintenance and customer service issues.