Aircraft Acquisitions

Flight Dynamics provides unbiased expertise, knowledge and understanding of the aircraft market and the selection of aircraft available. We have hands on experience in the process of buying aircraft, setting up flight departments and negotiating management contracts.

If you are looking for advice in selecting an aircraft or need an aviation consultant to assist you with any part of the process of acquiring an aircraft, call on the Flight Dynamics aircraft acquisition team.

If you need assistance with the entire process of buying a business aircraft or corporate jet, our aircraft acquisition program, is designed to take you through the whole process. Whether you want to lease a corporate jet, or buy a business aircraft, private jet, or VIP aircraft, Flight Dynamics will work with you from selection to negotiation, through to completion and getting you into the air.

Put our expertise and experience to work for you. Our aircraft acquisition team includes specialists in the full range of business aircraft from turboprops to corporate jets to airliners with VIP interiors and (er) extended range jets.

Imagine complete and personalized service from an aircraft broker with a 25-year aviation history, a staff of business aviation experts coordinated by a single focal point to meet your needs that will not walk away after your transaction is completed.

Flight Dynamics is setting the standard of the business aviation aircraft acquisitions. Whether you are looking to purchase a new or pre-owned aircraft, and whether this is your first aircraft purchase or the latest addition to your fleet, our Aircraft Acquisition Service is designed to help ensure that you get the right aircraft for your needs at the best terms.

A large purchase in a dynamically changing market can present risk. Flight Dynamics will protect your interests and limit the risk – and we will be there to support your aircraft after the purchase. We view the purchase as the start of a long relationship.

Flight Dynamics guides you through the buying process to ensure that you get the right aircraft at the right terms. Put our experience to work for you.

  • Dedicated acquisition team and business aviation experts
  • Complete Mission Profile Analysis
  • Full Market Analysis
  • Target Aircraft Evaluation
  • Offer and Acceptance with price negotiations
  • Contract Liaison
  • Pre-purchase Inspection consultation and review
  • Professional Referral Network
  • Closing
  • On-going post-closing